4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Selling Your Business

Selling BusinessAre you planning of selling your business? You need to ensure that everything is in place for you to sell the business at the right price. To help you out here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself as a business seller:

What Are The Things That A Buyer Will Look For In My Business?

There are many things that a buyer will look for when buying your business. Some of these things include: product lines, management structure, compatibility of operations, and customer and market base.

The buyer will also review your financial condition which includes: tax returns, payroll records, financial statements and depreciation schedules. If there are any employees in the business the buyer will like to know about their employment contracts.

How Do I Determine The Value Of My Business?

It’s easy to determine the value of your business as all you need to do is to hire a certified valuation company to do the valuation for you. The company will consider a number of factors in order to come up with the value of your business. Some of these factors include: assets, cash flow, market share, customer base, and financial history.

When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business?

The right time to sell your business is when everything is in place. You should wait until your business is viable and you can predict that it’s going to have an exponential growth. You should also wait until you have prepared all the necessary documents and you have a professional exit strategy.

You should never sell your business when you are desperate. For example, you shouldn’t sell your business when you have a pressing loan that you need to settle. This will not only give you stress, it will also result to you selling the business at a very low price.

Should I Tell My Employees That I’m Selling The Business?

You shouldn’t tell your employees about it. This is to avoid the repercussions that come with telling them. Some of the repercussions include: key employees looking for work elsewhere, competitors bad-mouthing you, vendors shortening terms and banks calling in notes.

You should maintain confidentiality and only let the employees know about it only after you have completed the selling process and the new owner is ready to start operations.


These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when selling your business. To complete the selling process flawlessly you should consider working closely with a professional advisor.

Taking A Look At The Refractometer

RefractometerA refractometer is a lab equipment that you use in measuring the fermentation level of a liquid. To measure the fermentation level the refractometer measures the amount of sugar (sugar weight or percentage Brix) in a solution.

Use Of The Refractometer

The equipment is mostly used by wine and beer makers. Winemakers use it to measure the ripeness of grapes and other fruits used in making the wine. Here the winemakers use the fruit juice from the fruits in order to determine if the fruits have reached their ideal level of natural fermentation. If the fruits have reached their ideal levels, the winemaker can go ahead and use them to make wine.

Refractometer is also used by beer makers where they use it to determine the specific gravity of their wort. A number of mathematical formulas are used in converting Brix percentage to specific gravity which is measured at the different stages of the brewing process. It’s important for the beer makers to know specific gravity of the beer in order to achieve consistency.

How A Refractometer Works

As mentioned, the refractometer measures the sugar content in a solution. It does this using an optical device that works like a prism. When you place a liquid on the equipment, it reacts with light and turns the reaction into a given number on the Brix percentage scale.

The refractomer works just like a hydrometer, only that the refractometer requires just a small amount of liquid to operate.

How To Use The Refractomer

To use the equipment you need to start by calibrating it. For accurate calibration you should use distilled water. After calibrating you should add a drop of liquid (that you are measuring) under the sample plate and ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped. You should wait for 30 seconds and then read the refractometer by holding it up to a natural light source such as window or door.

You should look though the eyepiece and there should be a line on the meter that corresponds to the scale on the side of the viewing screen. The reading that you see is the percentage Brix.


This is what you need to know about refractometers. To achieve ideal results you should undertake careful calibration. For the equipment to last for a long time you should avoid exposing it to damp environment. You should also avoid measuring corrosive or abrasive chemicals.

How to Build Trust and Good Reputation for Your Business

Build TrustSir Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Group, once observed that “Building trust in your brand isn’t easy to achieve and it may take time, but it doesn’t have to come at a high cost”. Making your business a reliable and trustworthy source of health and fitness services isn’t difficult. Just like the path to greater health, it requires ambition, hard work, and integrity to see it through.

To build the sort of trust and good standing that will make customers happy and keep your business thriving, follow these easy but often-overlooked qualities.

Keep Your Promises

In both your personal and professional life, you should always deliver on the promises you offer others. From clients to loved ones, maintaining a consistent ability to follow through on your word is a surefire way to build your reputation, gain more customers, and help other people. This is especially true with respect to trainers, coaches, and instructors who are helping to impart skills or improve others: your customers are depending on you to help them succeed. Do not fail them.

Encourage Reviews

According to various polls and studies, the overwhelming majority of consumers are influenced by reviews, whether negative or positive. If you want to build your reputation, you want to encourage customers to leave feedback and hold you accountable. That means actively managing a website, blog, and reviews on online listings. Engage your followers and network contacts, whether they are current or potential customers to leave reviews and be open to whatever reviews or direct feedback they offer. Not only will you learn to manage and improve your reputation, but you will show how much your care.

Be an Effective Communicator

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous two points. In the busy and dynamic world of health and fitness, it is easy to get swept up in your work and forget to keep the channels open with both partners and customers. Do not neglect opening as many avenues to communication as possible: not just phone and email, but social media, instant messaging, and even fax – show your network you are receptive to a conversation. Whether it is reaffirming company values and goals with your employees, or reaching out to the community with events and special services, you can build a lot of goodwill by taking a proactive approach.

Comply With Regulations

This may not be the most glamorous or interesting strategy, but it is nonetheless incredibly important. Like any industry, health and fitness businesses must be compliant with a range of federal, state, and local regulations, not to mention relevant professional qualifications and licenses. Not only would failing to do so mean hefty fines and even a closing of your business, but it would erode trust among your clients. Formal certifications show you are an honest and well-vouched professional. Stay on top of updating them as often as possible to keep your reputation and operations intact.

These are just some of the ways you can both build and maintain trust with your customers and partners.

Shelf Corporations

A shelf corporation is a paper or shell corporation that is administratively formed and then “put on a shelf” for several years to age. The term “shelf” or “aged” only refers to the fact that the company has already been filed and is sitting “on a shelf” waiting to be purchased.

A shelf corporation is a company that was created years ago for the sole purpose of being sold in the future simply for the value of its age. A person forms a company and does nothing with the corporation other than filing the annual reports and covering the annual fees. Once the corporation is a few years old it has a sort of value for the right person.

Historically shelf corporations were considered a legitimate way to streamline a startup. They were especially useful prior to the introduction of electronic registration when setting up new corporations used to take months to do. Selling them as vehicles to get around credit guidelines is fairly new. Shelf corporations are also called aged corporations, seasoned shelf corporations, off the shelf company and shelf corps. It is NOT the same as shell corporations. Shell corporations are completely different entities, both in scope and in formation and usually have no significant assets or operational structure.

A shelf corporation doesn’t engage in any real business. Most shelf corporations have been totally inactive. They have never had income, assets or bank accounts, operations or activity of any kind. During the aging period some efforts may be undertaken to establish a credit history, file basic tax returns, open a business bank account, and other simple actions to demonstrate some activity. These types of shelf corporations are more valuable and are sold for more money.

Shelf corporations are legal and do have legitimate purposes. They have been used by someone who may not otherwise qualify for a bank loan, line of credit, or government contract because they or their existing company do not have the required credit scores or a two to five year established business history. A long-established company might qualify for more credit and funding. A company that has been open for 10 years will look more credible than one just opened this year. This might help to secure more credit and funding as the majority of businesses fail within four years, and only a small percent make it to 10 years or more.

Shelf corporations do provide some benefits including establishing an instant history for a company, improving company image, and even make it faster to pursue business endeavors because the company is already formed and ready for immediate delivery and faster to obtain business licenses. And shelf corporations gives you a faster ability to bid on contracts, saving time by foregoing the time and expense of forming a brand new corporation and corporate filing longevity.

A company is “founded” when they initially setup their corporation. Many potential business resources are hesitant to engage brand new or up-start corporations. The age of your company can give greater credibility to customers and lenders than a business that was recently established. Say you were an accountant for 10 years, but just opened your business. By buying an aged corporation that has been open 10 years, you can then advertise that you have been in business for 10 years, and your corporate records also support that.

Often people purchase such companies in Nevada, Wyoming or California as well as Delaware due to regulatory considerations. Shelf corporations include articles of incorporation, “Action of Sole Incorporator” document which transfers the company to you, minutes of meetings (blank sample forms), a corporate kit (record book) and stock certificates (blank, un-issued shares). It also includes a corporate seal, corporate bylaws (unsigned forms), registered agent service and federal tax ID number.

Shelf corporations are not looked upon unfavorably by regulators, lenders, or the business reporting agencies. Many say they are unethical, borderline illegal, and some call them a fraud.

From Dun & Bradstreet… “It is unclear whether it is legal to use shelf corporations to access credit. It is clear, however, that this is a deceitful, unethical maneuver that serious entrepreneurs should avoid.” If the credit bureaus learn about the company being under new management, they will list it on their reports, effectively “re-aging” the company.

“Shell and shelf companies can be created domestically or in a foreign country. Shell and shelf companies are often formed by individuals and businesses to conduct legitimate transactions.

However, they can be and have been used as vehicles for common financial crime schemes such as money laundering, fraudulent loans and fraudulent purchasing. By virtue of the ease of formation and the absence of ownership disclosure requirements, shell and shelf companies are an attractive vehicle for those seeking to conduct illicit activity.” FDIC Special Alert, April 24, 2009.

Many lenders now look at the bank account start date as the corporation start date. Most shelf corporations don’t come with established bank accounts. Some shelf corporations have actual credit problems making it harder to get funding, not easier. Most lenders know what to look for to see if the corporation is a shelf corporation. Things like your business Bank Rating could tip them off. Public records also show the change in ownership which raises red flags.

Shelf corporations are NOT necessary to build business credit. Using a shelf corporation is not the best way to build business credit. Due to their expense and potential issues, they can actually hurt you more than they can help. The best way to build business credit is to work with vendors who approve new businesses, as many do. The best way to get funding is to use collateral, or have your business generating cash flow. Other ways to get funding are to use good credit partners to obtain unsecure financing.

Do You Have Enough Impact?

At the beginning of every work day, what do you think about?

Your get-to-do list? A problem that needs to be solved?

What if you started every day thinking about the impact you are having?

What if every day, you think about the impact you could have?

Every business owner has impact. You have impact on your clients by what you offer and how you offer it. You have impact on your team.

That is only the beginning.

“If I had more than enough money in my business, I would create ways to help other people who want to start a business,” said Nyeleti. She had just completed part of the Big Why process that I do with my coaching clients. She realized that her impact could extend considerably beyond her own and her family’s economics.

“I would travel to London.”

“I would build an orphanage for kids whose parents have died from AIDS.”

“I would start homework programs for kids so that they have somewhere constructive to go after school and get support for their education.”

“I would send my kids to a better school.”

Earlier this month, I spent a week in South Africa, and had the privilege of sharing what I know about being a successful entrepreneur with Nyeleti and others. Though I was there to coach, I learned so much myself.

I also got very inspired about the impact we can each have in our business, and our lives.

The organization I was working with, the Good Work Foundation, has a mandate of education in rural South Africa. That is already ambitious, but they are doing even more. Kate Groch, the GWF CEO, has a vision for revolutionizing education. In the world.

The energy at GWF is contagious. Excitement for what they are doing, and what they see for the future. Lives profoundly changed. People lifted up, and creating their own impact.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impact we each have in the world. About legacy. About ways we can up the ante and do more, do things that really matter, without it being a burden or just one more to-do.

This experience in South Africa has completely inspired me. The GWF staff. The students in their programs. People with limited resources creating positive change, and all challenging themselves to create more.

You don’t have to live in South Africa to have impact. You can be anywhere. And your impact can be anything you choose.

Wouldn’t you like to know that you are making this planet a better place?

Whether you choose to do that in your family, your business, your community, or beyond, it’s all doing a service that ripples out. And out. And out.

There’s no end to what is possible when you allow your vision to open and take action to have your own impact.

I’d like to share more stories of impact with you, and I will. In the meantime, let’s start you thinking about the impact that you (yes, you!) could have. I want to support you in that in the best way, which means starting with encouraging you to have your own vision.

Here’s a brief version of the Big Why process that entrepreneurs do in my workshops. Ask yourself these questions, in turn. Write down your answers to get the most out of the exercise.

Don’t be concerned with what’s practical. Don’t worry about how you could do it. Write down whatever comes to your mind – let your responses just come. Let’s begin!

1. If you had more than enough money from your business to cover all the business expenses, including your pay, what would you do with it?

Next, your Big-gest Why:

2. If you had as much money from your business as you could ever possibly imagine, what would you do with it?

Feeling expansive? The entrepreneurs I’ve done this with find my Big Why process incredibly energizing. Heart-opening.

Once you’ve answered the questions, check in with yourself. How do you feel? Pretty damn good, I’ll bet.

You’ll feel even better when you continue to remind yourself of this vision. You’ll see new opportunities pop up. They will come from unexpected quarters. And when you start to act on those opportunities, wow! The energy will be amazing.

Your Big Why vision will carry you through challenges, difficult times in your business.

Your Big Why vision will offer you the chance to realize your own potential. To have the impact that only you can have.

It doesn’t all have to be done at once. It doesn’t even have to be big by anyone else’s standards. It just has to be big and meaningful to you.

There is nothing you can imagine that is not possible, in some form. You wouldn’t be able to imagine it if it weren’t. How you’re going to do it is probably unknown. And that’s OK. You will find out how.

So let’s start, OK? Pick one thing from your vision to share with someone you trust. Talk about it in as much detail as you can see. Write down or draw what you envision. Then, do one thing to start bringing it to life.

You can have more impact, if you choose. What does your impact look like?

Ideas to Purchasing the Ideal Home

There are a whole lot of time-tested advice out there there regarding would-be house purchasers. However the actual housing marketplace is altering all typically the time, as well as if you are on the particular hunt intended for a house, an individual want to continue to be aware associated with the most recent trends – and precisely how they’ll reach you just where you stay. Inside order in order to help purchasers land their own dream residence in 2016, the economical data via many solutions has accomplished their home work on the actual stats that will matter to be able to come way up with any short checklist of their best tips. Go Here to get more info.

Customers searching to near this yr need in order to keep a great open thoughts and become ready for you to move rapidly when that they discover any home in which meets their own needs. Typically the No. one particular tip is actually to give up off your own personal home lookup early. In the event that you’re planning to obtain, based about the quantity of property hunters who also are merely like an individual, consider undertaking it earlier rather when compared with later – you’re very likely to receive a far better price along with a much better mortgage level, pointing away that there are far a lot more inventory obtainable relative in order to the range of revenue in typically the off-peak several weeks. More hints can be discovered here.

Why No One Talks About Businesses Anymore

Telephone Answering Services: A Quick Guide Providing the highest level of customer service to all of the clients of the business well practically reducing any overhead can be done by hiring a telephone answering service. If you are still confused on how would this be possible this article will provide to you an examination on the offered services of any kind of call center service provider nowadays. Aside from the standard services of modern-day call center agencies which are lead generation and research, inbound queries and outbound sales including telemarketing, this modern day business process outsourcing companies offers virtual receptionist services, and a round the clock team of agents that are always there to take the call of any client. The modern-day call center companies now offers more than just a telemarketing service as they are now handling a lot of business process outsourcing services for their respective clients. These call center companies are now offering turn-key services so that they can practically handle any kind of call center demands that their clients are requesting. The virtual assistant service is probably the most innovative creation of the modern day call center companies of today. A modern day call center company’s virtual assistant services so very helpful to those executives that are always traveling as well as to those small businesses that are unable to hire a receptionist that will be there full time.Whatever kind of service a regular receptionist provides can also be done by a virtual receptionist without any difference at all. The company will now be free from all of the financial obligations that comes with hiring a full-time regular assistant or receptionist such as payment for benefits, training fees as well as monthly salary because a worthwhile receptionist canal take the place of a regular receptionist and will be able to handle any type of light reception work and calls much like a regular receptionist does. Since the modern day telephone answering service provider have a lot of branches in almost any part of the world, they will be of big help to traveling Executives that are constantly on the go are there branches will serve as a bridge for any client to use the service.
Why not learn more about Telephones?
The virtual receptionist service of the modern-day call center can also provide a takeover receptionist service to larger businesses so that will still be able to take calls from their respective clients at any time after business hours of the day. In fact, the telephone answering service of today’s modern call center companies are being hired 24 hours a day by a lot of businesses in order to make sure that every opportunity from a field customer call or a business inquiry will be received by the business.The Essential Laws of Systems Explained

Whitaker Brothers Unveils New Line Of HSM Brand Shredders


(Rockville, MD)—Whitaker Brothers, the company that owns HSM Shredder Outlet, has recently announced the launch of their brand new line of shredders. The company has just debuted its Pure shredder line and has unveiled a new website launched just in time to showcase the new machines.

Eric Buhlman, a spokesperson for Whitaker Brothers, commented “Our team could not be more excited to be launching both our new line of shredders and our beautiful new website for the world to see and experience. The Pure line of shredders brings high-quality and durability into the shredder market. It’s features are unmatched for a deskside shredder, and we believe that both home and office users are going to be very happy with what they’ll get in return for their investment. We’re inviting everyone to get a glimpse of the new line at our new and improved HSM website.”

At the newly-launched consumers will be able to see the new Pure line of shredders and get a full listing of each model’s features. The deskside shredders have been equipped with hardened steel-cutting rollers, automatic start and stop, level indicators, and paper feed overload protection that keeps dreaded paper jams to a minimum. Each model also features HSM’s “whisper technology”, which keeps the machine operating quietly and makes it ideal for the office environment.

As Buhlman continued, “The team at HSM Shredder Outlet works hard to engineer and distribute the highest-quality equipment on the market. Our shredders are already known for their durability, and the introduction of the Pure line take this to a whole new level. To say that we are proud of the work we’ve done would be a total understatement.”

HSM’s Pure line of shredders will be available for purchase on the website starting in October 2016.

About HSM Shredder Outlet:

HSM engineers data destruction equipment, office equipment, and recycling equipment. They are most known for their extremely durable shredders, including office shredders, industrial shredders, and even high security shredders for government use. Some of the most innovative equipment they’ve produced lately include their line of hard drive shredders. They also manufacture cutters, and recycling equipment, such as baling presses and cardboard shredders. They’ve really made a name for themselves by providing an unmatched balance of time tested durability while still maintaining an affordable pricing structure to the end customer.

Source: http://business.smdailypress.com/smdailypress/news/read/32730036/Whitaker_Brothers_Unveils_New_Line_Of_HSM_Brand_Shredders

Ecommerce Fulfillment Company Floship is a Finalist for the Top 100 Asia Award


Hong Kong — August 22nd, 2016 — Floship, a global ecommerce and crowdfunding fulfillment provider, announced today it had been short-listed for a Top 100 Asia award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the Asia business region.

Red Herring has been selecting the most exciting and promising start-ups and “scale ups” since 1995. Finalists are still evaluated individually from a large pool of hundreds of candidates based across Asia. Twenty major criteria underlie the scoring and process. They include, among others: the candidate company’s addressable market size, its IP and patents, its financing, the proof of concept, trailing revenues and management’s expertise. Each company goes through an individual interview after filling out a thorough submission, complemented by due diligence from the Red Herring panel. The list of finalists includes some of the best performing and prominent companies of that year.

This unique assessment of potential is in addition to a review of the company’s actual track record and standing.

Floship’s proven excellence as the world’s top international crowdfunding fulfillment company and their ongoing innovation as a worldwide ecommerce fulfillment provider– especially for Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento users–makes Floship an exciting company to watch as they grow in lockstep with the trends of online shopping and the wider explosive ecommerce space.

Notable Top 100 Asia winners include Alibaba, Baidu, InMobi, Kakao, Rakuten, Snapdeal, Xioami and many more.

“Entrepreneurship in Asia has reached an inflexion point, and as a result, Red Herring Asia 2016 has shifted into a new phase,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “A second generation of entrepreneurs with CEO backgrounds is emerging and their execution skills and global ambitions lead to restless growth and amazing journeys. As importantly, we are seeing more companies from countries once absent from innovation circles.

Floship shows great promise and therefore deserves to be among the finalist companies. Now we’re faced with the difficult task of selecting the Top 100 winners of Red Herring Asia. We know that the 2016 crop will reward us for long and continued efforts in scouting disruptive companies in Asia. The wealth of talent and achievements displayed by Red Herring Asia finalists is an excellent predictor for the new wave of revolutionary technology.”

The short-listed companies face one final challenge – a live presentation at the Red Herring Asia Forum taking place on September 12-14 in Manila, Philippines. After the total scores are summed, the Top 100 winners are announced at a special awards ceremony the evening of September 14.

For further information visit Red Herring. Those interested can learn more about Floship’s crowdfunding, Magento, WooCommerce, and shopify fulfillment services at the company’s website.

About Floship:
With end-to-end global fulfillment for crowdfunding, e-commerce, and more, Floship delivers in reliable, cost-effective, I.T.-driven fashion.

Source: http://www.wect.com/story/32837455/news

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What Is A 24 Hour Locksmith Service?

It can’t be avoided but there will be times where you will feel that your security is actually compromised, and that when such a time comes, it is best that you have in your speed dial a 24 hour locksmiths that you can just immediately call for help.

It is important for you to really be able to get the help of a locksmith that will ensure that you are going to get the best help even when you are working in the office, or when you are locked out of your house or car during unholy hours. Generally speaking, these locksmith are those that are able to provide to you emergency as well as non emergency services, they are also those that are expert in auto lock services and that of key duplication. Furthermore, with the expanding technology that is being added on safety as well as security, the works of the 24 hour locksmiths can include safety maintenance, security system installation which are all possibly done at autos, homes, or offices for that matter.
Many people are certainly looking to a locksmith to have their keys duplicated. It would be really a good benefit on your part when you are able to find a 24 hour locksmiths that will extend help to you when it comes to your safety just at anytime of the day that you wanted help. Just when you experience being locked out of your house or out of your car in the middle of the night will you be able to fully experience the great benefits of having a 24 hour locksmiths to be with you. These types of services are really convenient because of the fact that you can never actually predict when will all these untowards situation ever happen to you.

What you will really love about these 24 hour locksmiths, is that they are those that will come right to you just when you need to have the services that you want attended to.
Study: My Understanding of Locks

It would certainly be a shock to you that most of the 24 hour locksmiths are actually capable of installing new door locks just when you need it the most. Notwithstanding what time it is of the day, you will always have a professional that you can always call to when you need help at any time of the day. That is why, if you have a professional locksmith to help you when you need it the most, then you will see that any possibility of theft and intrusion of your auto, home or offices is certainly not going to happen as you are well protected.The 10 Best Resources For Keys